A Fisher House for Nevadans


The Nevada Military Support Alliance has pledged to raise $3,000,000 towards the construction of a Fisher House in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 60 Fisher Houses have been built with private dollars across the nation to serve as a home away from home for military members and veterans requiring longer-term medical care and rehabilitation services. Stays at the House are free for those being treated and their families. Nevada is the only state with a major military facility without a Fisher House. We are on the list to receive one as soon as we in Nevada can raise our local funding match of $3M. The Nevada Military Support Alliance has already donated $250,000 toward this goal and we have committed to apply every cent raised in southern Nevada toward this project at the site of the Southern Nevada VA Medical Center until it is fully funded.




Green Zone Initiative Overview

Green Zone Initiative

The purpose of the Green Zone Initiative is to marshal all available resources in the areas of health, education, and employment to assist transitioning service members, veterans, and their families in Nevada and to help ensure their successful reintegration into communities by improving the systems of access, services and service delivery through regional planning, coordination and evaluation strategies.

The mission of the Green Zone Initiative is to ensure that every veteran at home or returning to our communities is thriving. Now that they are home, now that they are once again part of the communities they came from or moved to, it is our goal to create the conditions for employment, education, and wellness that they deserve to come home to.

The Green Zone Initiative provides the blueprint for a systems based architecture at the state, county, and local levels that will help to integrate existing policies, programs and practices, as well as network the many strong programs and veterans serving organizations across the state.

The Green Zone is not about creating new government programs, but rather about aligning activities around our shared vision and ensuring that through research and development we are working on and funding the right things. Our model will align the financial, political, social and intellectual resources of our state to best solve these problems and it will provide a framework for action and investment that will advance change.

Last year, NMSA provided a $75,000 grand to fund a position with the Green Zone Initiative. Today that position, Veteran Outreach Coordinator, has created a pilot program for the GZI, the Green Zone Employer Program. Now when an employer wants to get more involved in becoming Veteran Committed they have a place to start and end, and a tool kit to help with the process.